Plans for this blog in 2014

Day 2 of fulfilling new year resolutions has gone well so far with this post being the bit of writing that I’ll be doing today. 

This blog has always been a bit of a nebulous wormhole for some of my written thoughts and I think it’s about time that a certain amount of structure is brought in. One-because structure definitely helps with productivity and two-consistent and engaging posts on the Internet builds my portfolio which may lead to more things in my future (or the opposite…) 
The Plan-At least one post a day
     Post meaning anything and everything-rants, essays, reviews, photos, videos, etc. I’m planning on filling this place with something everyday.
I’m planning on posting about the movies I watch, the books I read, etc. I also want to do some researched pieces and I will definitely be posting more of my pictures and videos.
To say that I’m excited to force myself to post something to the Internet public is a bit of a stretch but 2014 is all about doing new things (plus the NSA has all of my privacy anyways) so let’s do this.
See you tomorrow, Internet.
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