RIP Robin Williams

To say I owe a lot to Robin Williams would be a gross understatement. It would be a lie made through gritted teeth and teary eyes. It would a betrayal of who I am and who I will be because without what Robin Williams created and brought to the world I couldn’t possibly imagine who I would be.

No other human being has made me laugh, cry and understand the value of art and artists in the world more than Robin Williams. His standup is what I aspire to write and perform like. His performances have made me want to do it all just like he could, pulling every laugh and every emotion out of the audience. Between Good Will Hunting and The Fisher King, Williams made me empathize like very few can, those performances will stay with me forever. Not only because they are master classes in acting but because Williams could make you understand so clearly and beautifully. One of my dreams was to meet you, to get the opportunity to work with you, to just see if I could learn even more from you.

I’m trying desperately to not talk about myself-to focus on this amazing, genuine, wonderful, talented, giving human being. To shine one more light among the millions of others spotlighting the gifts that Robin Williams gave to all of us. To remind you how he is one of the feel people in the world to actually EGOT. To tell you to watch every Robin Williams movie and TV episode and stand-up special because you will never laugh and cry more. But that wouldn’t really compel me to write this post nor explain the tears and snot all over my face. Robin Williams was like a father to me. No fuck that, he was a father to me.

He taught me to be bold, to make all the weird voices and faces I could possibly fathom and to make those that I couldn’t. He taught me that a good laugh can be a powerful force, and that a single, genuine look can break and rebuild your heart. He taught me to never be afraid of silly, to always give 210% as soon as you commit to something. To love what you love apologetically. To not be afraid of trying different things, for accepting challenges. To never apologize for being yourself and if yourself is a little than even better.

Robin Williams, you are irreplaceable, the world has dimmed a bit without you here. I hope with all my heart that you can feel how much we all miss you. Rest in Peace, I will forever be indebted to you and will continue to love you with every fiber of my being.


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