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Resolutions for 2014

I’m writing this clichéd post with my first (and only?) tattoo healing and Carolina Basketball on the TV-getting ready to leave to work as a bar back on New Year’s Eve. A lot has happened in 2013 and to say that I have changed because of it is a gross understatement. From traveling the world and meeting new people to taking small steps towards being more comfortable with myself-2013 has been revelation filled. I fully realize how hyperbolic that is, but I’m okay with it (also I just don’t know how else to describe it.) Enough of the past (for now) on to the future and 2014-here are some goals (or resolutions cause that is such an “it” word this time of year.)

Take better care of my body
     Health and fitness have always been important to me but I’ve definitely lost somethings as I’ve grown more busy, so this year I resolve to make taking care of myself a solidified routine. Specifically floss everyday, stretch everyday, and run/swim/walk everyday
Read 50 books.
     I need to read more and I think 50 is a pretty solid number to aim for. This includes fiction and nonfiction, novellas and graphic novels, pretty much everything that is a lengthy text but not a longread. 
Watch 200 movies.
     I’m planning on starting with the Sight and Sounds list mixed in with the Oscar and indie favorites of 2013.
Take notes more. 
     I’ve made the realization that my memory is terrible so to combat this I’m going to try to write/type down as much as I can on as much as I can. I’m considering a Ryan Holiday esque type of system-perhaps more digital. Right now I’m starting with my trusty notebook and Evernote. 
Write everyday. 
     I know that I had this as a goal last year but I kinda fell off the wagon-so here we go again, same details apply.
Spend an hour everyday learning a new language.
     I’ve traveled and met a lot of amazing new people in 2013, through it all it made me realize how important communication is so here’s to making it a little bit easier for everyone. I’m planning on working with my mum to clean up my Cantonese (perhaps learn to read/write.) I’ll be doing at least one Duolingo set of Spanish and German everyday, and I’m hoping to get started on Mandarin some time soon. 
Spend an hour everyday learning a new skill.
     Through some digging I’ve learned that as a Carolina student I have access to Lynda courses for free so first on the list is coding so that I can get a nice website up. Once I’m through with that I’m sure things like After Effects will be what I spend my hour on.
Make more.
     This is a bit more general but one thing that has hit me the most going through 2013 is how much I love making things-so here is to more posts, videos, pictures, whatever in 2014.
This is a lot and I’m sure I’m going to fail at achieving some of these but failure is okay (learned that in 2012, reinforced in 2013.) Here’s to another year of adventure and change. Bring it on 2014.
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New Year

I’ve begun writing this post (or at least a version of this post,) at least 25 times.

August: “Hello World, I’m trying to dig myself out of a hole and this is my first attempt….”
September: “Autumn (or Fall, however, you would like to name the changing season) is my         favorite time of year. To me it    represents renewal far better than Spring (the traditional rebirth season.)
October: “Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, a time where masks are appreciated and admired, perhaps because Halloween is when they are most apparent.”
November: “I’ve officially hit my 20’s. No longer can I be labeled as a tween or a teen. I’m a ‘young adult,’ perhaps even a ‘grown-up,’ and yet why do I feel like I’ve just been born?”
December: “My first semester of my sophomore year is officially over and I’m happy? The                   question mark I put there, yes the one placed after the word ‘happy’ is perhaps the most honest piece of punctuation I’ve ever written (typed, if you are being picky.)
So here I am, again, starting this post with the fleeting determination that rises through everyone on New Year’s Eve. Resolutions, promises, goals-all made in an attempt to improve oneself, but more importantly to try to redeem ourselves for our preceding years, in this case 2012.
However, my issue is that while I truly believe that we should not be solely defined by our past-to hope to start off with a completely clean slate, simply by making alcohol and regret fueled promises, is impossible. Regardless of the circumstances regarding our personal histories those things did indeed happen and mean something, no matter how minuscule we want that to be. So instead I propose that we learn from our past to build (as slowly as necessary-past history lesson one: we all move at different speeds even if towards the same destination) our aspirations for the future.
My 2012 have been one of the most enlightening years of my life-not my happiest, funnest, exciting, [other positive verb]. I’ve never been lower (so far) more depressed, more angry, frustrated, [other extremely negative verb,] in my life. But as the year draws to a close (literally minutes away,) and as Taylor Swift performs live on the television in the background, I’ve recognized that all of those moments and thoughts have brought me to this point in time where I’ve caught a bit of a guiding headwind, and I may just know what I’m doing (really.)
Now disregarding the notion of alternate timelines where perhaps I’m happier and more successful, and had a better 2012 (let’s lump 2010 and 2011 into there too.) The person that I am now, is made up of all of those previous moments, the happy and exciting, along with the disappointing, depressing, and regretful. From this point it is now all about looking ahead and improving myself, so perhaps when I look at 2013 from the cusp of 2014 I’ve created a compilation of moments that better describes and constructs me as the person I am and want to be.
So what will I be attempting to do in 2013 that will “make” me an improved human being?
Write More (Create More)
My steadily solidifying dream of being a writer/director/creative type involves a lot of aspects (which I’m sure I’ll develop in a future post,) however, it hinges on improvement, and the only way to improve a skill is to do it. So I want to write something everyday. Whether it be a post to the blog, an entry in my personal notes, an article, screenplay, whatever-I want to do it everyday.
Read More (“Real Education”)
Creation is mostly regurgitation, and since vomiting on an empty stomach is extremely painful and unpleasant, I resolve to gorge myself-with information and knowledge of course. I want to read (at least) 40 books in 2013, whether it be fiction or nonfiction, graphic novel or dense philosophy soliloquy. This type of learning, which I’m categorizing as “real” (I’ll elaborate later), does require some sort of indexing because my brain is not built-in a prodigal way. So I plan on implementing a version of the Verge’s Thomas Houston’s method of “backing up your brain,” this year to be a bit more efficient with my continuing education.
Study More (College Education)
My college career so far has been lack luster (perhaps even dreadful) so I resolve to be better engaged with my given material. Obviously straight As would be nice, but I also realize that my abilities to maintain good grades have steadily declined through my educational career, and that being educated and knowledgeable does not have a direct correlation to grade point average.
Connect More
A vague resolution I know, but when the world is pushing into my face that “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” it’s hard not to want to get to know more people (whether it be online or IRL.) I do want to stress (mostly to myself) that I do want quality in my future relationships, that meaningful should be first to sheer quantity (now to figure out exactly how to do that.) In terms of immediate plans, I plan to be more active on online social media (Twitter, FB, G+, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.) As well as just hang out with real human beings more.
Do More (Be More Efficient)
This year has shown me that I am capable of doing things (and relatively well,) but that I need to do things more-so that I can improve. So this year is very much about efficiency. How to do that specifically will be ever-changing however, hopefully by learning from efficient people (Tim Ferriss, Chris Hardwick, etc.) I’ll be able to turn my procrastination into some type of progress.
Be Inspired More
This may be my most important (and favorite) resolution-2012 marked a year where I let darkness cloud and block out the bright shininess that is inspiration. I love being inspired but it is so easy to forget that feeling in the constant flow of life, so I resolve to retain my inspirations and share them to the world. With a combination of Thomas Houston’s method, and hopefully this blog, I’ll have a record of what inspires me and why. So when those dark clouds drift over (which they inevitably will) I’ll have a weapon to combat them that is effective as a good warm cup of chai on a chilly winter’s night.
So there it is. My resolutions, as well as the thoughts behind them. Writing helps me organize my thoughts, but boy do they open a flood of even more thoughts. To 2013, a better year (depending on your perspective of course) than 2012.
Happy New Year Everyone.
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