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It’s funny how much your brain starts to spin when your summer winds down. So begins a rant (perhaps every rant).

An idea has popped in my head multiple times for the past weeks, the idea of purpose-why are we doing these things, why not?
I go to school because I like to learn things or because it is the socially acceptable thing to do to get a job, which is a socially acceptable thing to have, or perhaps some combination of the two?
I want to tweet this joke because I want to make a joke at hipster culture and make my followers laugh or I want people to know what I’ve done and where I am?
I hang out with these friends because they have possible connections and we have decent conversations or I just like to hang out with them?
Purpose is silly, frivolous and arbitrary but it is still the thing that drives my decisions the most-I use it to justify whether I do something, or don’t.
It is freeing to have a process in making decisions and acting-I’ve probably made many more choices than I have before, but it bogs me down. It clouds everything in mysterious fog, something that automatically gives everything an air of importance and danger. So I shirk back-wondering is this right, and if this is the purpose of the medium, what is the purpose of my choice? Why am I choosing to share something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Why I am sharing these thoughts on this blog?
Purpose is important, I know that and I respect that, but do you think I could get a guide? I’m more than a bit confused.
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